Our Vision

Economic challenges are driving major changes in our workplaces. The impact is being felt in all sectors, from small business to corporates, causing them to consider afresh their approach to all aspects of their business, including Sustainability, Corporate Responsibility and Health and Safety.

Like all companies, IEHSAS is not immune to these changes. In fact, we need to engage with them in a positive way and help our clients to do so as well.

We have always been clear WHY IEHSAS is in business – to build a better and safer world. For us, this means delivering excellent service for our clients, together with continuing to develop our own Corporate Responsibility programs throughout the region.

HOW we do this, is to hire the best people we can find, with an emphasis on character and passion alongside qualifications and experience. We build management systems that help businesses meet their responsibilities, but always in a context and focus of transforming cultures from compliance to care.

This is how we have developed WHAT we actually do, and how “the rights approach” has evolved. Finding, discovering and adopting the right approach for every client means IEHSAS is a strategic consultancy where we not only seek to see potential released through developing a culture of care for people and the environment alike, but consistently deliver a positive impact on the bottom line too. Greater profitability is the natural outcome of doing great business.
And we believe that has to be good for everybody.