About Tower Rigging

Tower rigging in telecommunication department is the important work, but the safety of human during tower rigging is inevitable. Every department first looks the safety of its employee than other things. If the worker is safe the work will be safe and profitable.

Form last decade Pakistan is improvising in telecommunication sector with increase demand of the workforce for tower rigging. Working on the tower is a tough job as riggers faces many challenges. The first and fatal risk involve is to work at height which could be above than 200 fee.

What we do?

Tower rigging training will help you to carry out installation, maintenance and removal of the equipment on the telecom tower safely.

Who can attend?

People who are the responsible for carry out installation, removal, maintenance on telecommunication tower can join this course or riggers already working in telecom sector can join as refresher training.

Training Duration

  •       1 week
  • Training Method

  •       Classroom and practical on tower
  • Course Contant

  •       Understanding the importance of safety procedures
  •       Personal Protective Equipment and their uses
  •       Fall protection requirement when working at height
  •       Anchorages and fixed climbing device
  •       Techniques of climbing on different towers
  •       Ability to balance at height and hand arm steadiness
  •       Ability to work in different weather condition
  •       Emergency response plan and preparation

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    Tower Rigging