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Accident/Incident Investigation

Accident/Incident Investigation

Who’s the course for?

This course is intended for graduates, construction managers, and project managers who require a greater understanding of waste management and reduction.

Courses aim and Benefits:

  • Identify the different types, natures, and quantities of waste
  • Improve the management of waste
  • Understanding the legal responsibilities for waste and the impacts on construction projects
  • Demonstrate how legislation, in particular the Duty of Care, helps to promote best practices in the management of wastes.
  • Identify how to reduce, re-use, and recycle waste to save money and reduce the environmental impact
  • Conduct basic waste audits
  • Produce a site waste management plan
  • To understand the roles and responsibilities of waste regulators and licensed carriers.

Course Content:

The purpose of the courses is to give delegates a comprehensive understanding of both individual and organizational waste management responsibilities and enable them to contribute to the management of waste at the site level. Delegates will be able to review their current waste management practices and develop new approaches to reducing waste on-site.

Training Methods:


Interactive exercises

Methods of assessment

Continuous Assessment


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