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Aboriginal Awareness

Aboriginal Awareness

Who’s the course for?

Operatives involved in excavations who have limited, or no experience in supporting trenches and Aboriginal Awareness.

Course aims and Benefits:

To train operatives in the various methods of supporting excavations using traditional methods and proprietary systems.

Courses content:

  • Recognition of soil Structures
  • Effects of weathering
  • Application of Appropriate methods of hand or mechanical means of excavation
  • Overcoming problems due to varying ground conditions and services
  • Correct support of shafts in loose ground
  • Applying methods to overcome groundwater problems
  • Support of Aboriginal Awareness using hydraulic shoring
  • Awareness of the various proprietary systems and their usage
  • Awareness of the importance of safe methods of working, conforming to relevant safety regulations
  • The principles of backfilling and striking
  • Legislation and Inspection log sheets

Training Methods:



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