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Environment Management Level 03

International Award of Level 4 in Food Safety Catering

Course Overview

What Course is the Level 3 Award in Environmental Management?

These qualifications develop to provide an understanding of key environmental concepts and the ability to develop environmental management systems based on ISO 14001. The use of environmental management systems helps an organization to minimize environmental impacts, therefore, provides awareness to know the steps required to implement an effective environmental management system.

Course summary

How Many Exams are there in the Level 3 Award in Environmental Management?

There is no formal examination for this qualification, however, this qualification is assessed by Multi Choice Questions (MCQ). To Award this qualification the Learner must achieve a percentage pass in the MCQ paper which includes 30 MCQ’s and the candidate must score a minimum of 22 Marks to pass this course.

Who should the Level 3 Award in Environmental Management?

This qualification is for all members of staff whose activities could have a significant impact on the environment or supervisors or managers who are being introduced to environmental issues for the first time. This Certificate in Environmental Management Level 3 is ideal for anyone looking to build a successful and enjoyable career in the field. Particularly it is for:

Environment Managers /Supervisor 

Internal Auditor 

Compliance Coordinators 

HSE Manager/ Officers Staff 

Environment Teachers/ Trainers 

What are the benefits of the Level 3 Award in Environmental Management?

Upon successful completion of the training program and assessment will enable candidates to understand them:

  • need to improve the environmental performance of a business
  • format and relevance of the UK and European Union legislation as it relates to environmental performance and legal compliance
  • the process entailed in reviewing policies and management procedures
  • nature of an organization’s environmental aspects and impacts
  • purpose and stages of developing an environmental policy
  • process of planning and environmental management program
  • practical techniques of environmental management need for, and techniques involved in, environmental awareness and management training
  • different types of emergency and their impacts on the environment
  • process and purpose of internal and external audits
  • commercial reasons for producing an environmental report
  • advantages and disadvantages of implementing an accredited environmental management system
  • the support that is available from environmental services

What are the Course Contents Level 3 Award in Environmental Management?

This qualification a wide range of Environment management topic such as:

Unit 1 – What is the Environment?

Unit 2 – Global Environmental Issues

Unit 3 – Environmental Planning

Unit 4 – Environmental Management Systems based on ISO 14001

Unit 5 – Local and international Environmental Law

Unit 6 – Environmental Policy

Unit 7 – Planning for Environmental Improvement

Unit 8 – Implementation-Improving Environmental Performance

Unit 9 – Checking Environmental Performance

Unit 10 – Reviewing and Reporting Environmental Performance

What is the Eligibility Criteria Level 3 Award in Environmental Management?

There are no specific barriers, in terms of academic qualifications, skills or experience to entry to the award in Environmental Principles & Best Practices. However, candidates must be fluent in English and must be familiar with Environment issues or having a degree or other qualifications in Environment Sciences. 

What is the duration of the Level 3 Award in Environmental Management?

Level 3 Award in Environmental Management Is a 24 Hours training program. It’s mean to take three days to complete the training course. 

Where I can get the best training for the Level 3 Award in Environmental Management?

At IEHSAS with its unique, foreign qualified faculty with intensive national and international practical experience in Occupational Health Safety & Environment discipline will boost you with the knowledge and skills necessary required for understanding this Course. IEHSAS provides Three days of training in-house or at a place convenient to you which includes the lectures, group discussion, and case studies. Our expert tutors will assess and evaluate our candidate’s performance and guide them according to their performance. It means by attending this course you will find the best practices and gain profound knowledge related to fire safety principles.

IEHSAS also a platform where most of our graduates get jobs after completing their qualifications immediately. Thousands of our graduates are working in almost every position in the Occupational health safety and environment sectors. Our graduates working in the local industry and international markets such as in KSA, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Libya, UAE, Iraq, Libya, Nigeria, etc.

What is next after passing the Level 3 Award in Environmental Management?

The candidate can go for the Level 3 Award in Environmental Principles & Best Practices. The successful candidate will be awarded the Level 2 Award in Environmental Principles & Best Practices accredited.

What is Career Path after Passing the Level 3 Award in Environmental Management?

Upon successful completion of the course, candidates may choose to pursue a variety of careers including:

  • Air Quality Engineer
  • Archaeological Technician
  • Environmental Attorney
  • Environmental Biologist
  • Environmental Chemist
  • Environmental Consultant
  • Environmental Educator
  • Environmental Engineer
  • Environmental Planner
  • Environmental Scientist

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Start On May 24, 2021
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Level 3 Award in Environmental Management

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